how long for a bathroom remodel

How long will it take?
Bathroom Remodel

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The short answer is that it depends on the scope of work that you’re doing in your bathroom. Here are some timelines from some of the many bathroom projects we’ve completed

Shower/Bathtub walls upgrade only and no plumbing changes – 1 Day

All of the above + new shower pan or new bathtub with the included plumbing – 2-3 days

All of the above + new flooring, new vanity, vanity lights, ceiling light, bath fan, shower door/glass panel, drywall repairs &  painting – 1 week

Tile Project – Floor tile, tile shower walls, new vanity, vanity lights, vanity top, ceiling light, bath fan, shower door, drywall repairs – 2-3 weeks

Layout change – for all of the above + changing the layout of your bathroom (such as moving walls) generally 3-5 weeks.

Keep in mind, these are some averages and every situation is different. Give us a call or send us a message to get started on your bathroom project now.