Home Addition Remodel Services Offered

Home addition remodel – We offer all facets of a home addition remodel, including design services. You can find our home addition planning & pricing estimation guide here.

Permits - We can handle the permit process so you don’t have to. We’ll make sure that everything is compliant with the required codes
Demolition - Any demolition that needs to be done so that your project can move forward
Flooring - We can install the flooring of your choice for your addition. Some of the possible flooring choices are carpet, hardwood, laminate, engineered, luxury vinyl plank, tile to name a few
Carpentry - Framing in your new addition
Custom Carpentry - Custom shelving, custom fireplaces, staircase
Electrical - Everything electrical from your new lighting, wiring a TV in a new location and the latest tech gadgets that you’ll want in your new addition
Drywall - Hang and/or finish drywall
Plumbing - Any plumbing needs you may have with your addition
Painting - Painting the new walls and the new ceiling
Custom Railing - Any custom railing that you’d want in your addition

Once we’ve started, Our average completion times for remodel projects are below. A permit adds an additional 3-4 weeks depending on the municipality.

For Addition –  2 – 3 months. The scope of work does affect the length of your project.